The impact of costly car insurance prices

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KaJeza Hawkins and Carlos Mathis

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Car insurance rates in Ohio have seen a steep 56 percent jump in the last year. Many local residents are feeling the impact.

There are several factors to the increase, but one is the high amount of car thefts. Data shows Ohio is ranked the seventh highest state for stolen vehicles.

Even though there are the numbers, drivers say insurance rates are just too high. Kettering Resident Jocelyn Fox says she is feeling the impact of the increase in car insurance.

“I think it’s unreasonable that my car insurance is so expensive,” says Joselyn Fox, Kettering resident. “I currently pay 220 a month, which I think is very expensive.” 

Fox says she’s had Allstate insurance since she was in college. With the gradual price increases, she pays over $2,000 per year in car insurance for just one vehicle.

“I’ve never gotten any discounts,” Fox says. “They continue to raise my insurance without letting me know I have to contact them, ask them why they keep raising you. I wish I had shopped around more.”

Car insurance experts with MarketWatch suggest looking at all of your options.

“I think people are kind of guilty of not really doing the research,” said Abby Drexler, public relations at MarketWatch Guide. “Find out we actually have the best rate for you.”

Drexler suggests looking at any discounts that could save you some money.

“You are a student lender. Student discount of your say if you have like safe drive or have been renting long time or some safe driver discounts. Military, there’s military multi-vehicle discounts,” Drexler says.

Even with some relief from discounts, prices are still starkly high. They are not expected to come down anytime soon.

“Prices do not seem to be going down across the board,” Drexler says. “And like that kind of also affects insurance. And you’re right, you have to have it. There’s only two states in the country don’t have it and Ohio is not one of them. So, you know, that’s kind of it is. We’re in a tricky situation right now for sure.” 

Experts also say to try and bundle insurance if you can, while keeping a close eye on the small fees companies may try to add.

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