Sebastian Maniscalco mounts 2024 arena tour including stop in Dallas

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Everyone loves when a movie filming is in town, and there’s one going down right now in Granbury, the quaint town 70 miles southwest of Dallas. Oh and it’s a holiday movie, which makes it even fuzzier. According to a release, it’s called A Christmas Heart, and is a drama about faith, family, and forgiveness. All the Fs! Well, not all the Fs.

The indie film stars Kevin Sorbo and Bill McAdams, Jr., who previously teamed up in the 2015 faith-based drama Gallows Road. McAdams Jr. also wrote and is directing the film.

Co-starring is Nashville recording artist and songwriter Sarah Reeves, who joined the cast on the heels of releasing her Christmas album More the Merrier earlier this month. She’s definitely in holiday mode.

A Christmas Heart follows Jack Gilmore (McAdams, Jr.), a firefighter and man of faith whose wife and son are killed in a texting-and-driving crash three weeks before Christmas.

In the wake of his loss, Jack is charged with a DUI and required to complete community service, during which he meets a young girl with whom he shares a conflicted and painful past. Meanwhile, as Detective Kent Powers (Sorbo) investigates the fatal accident, he uncovers a shocking revelation that personally ties him to the case. Shocking!

It’s filming on three locations in Granbury:

  • Wednesday, November 29: Hood County Courthouse at 100 E. Pearl St. after 5 pm
  • Thursday, November 30: Hood County Courthouse, 1-5 pm
  • Friday, December 1: 4621 E. Holiday Ct. in Granbury, 10-10 pm

The movie is expected to be released Christmas 2024.

Sorbo is known for roles in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995-1999) and Andromeda (2000-2005), as well as Christian films such as God’s Not Dead (2014) and Soul Surfer (2011).

McAdams’ credits include Gallows Road (2015), Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts (2016), and Bully High (2022).

In a statement, McAdams says, “I’m incredibly excited to have finally started making this film. This is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for a while, and I’m so grateful to Kevin for agreeing to help me bring it to life.”

Sorbo calls McAdams “an incredibly talented filmmaker,” stating that “we’ve been friends for a long time, and we like to work together. I’m so glad to get this latest project started.”

Jim Doss is executive producing alongside Sharon K. Campbell. Producers are Mary Jean Bentley and Therese Moncrief.

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