MSN names Lake George cleanest lake in U.S.

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LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The waters of Lake George are beloved by many – and were hailed last week at a national level. An article on Microsoft-owned news service MSN spells it out from the headline: “This Is The Cleanest Lake In The U.S.”

The article, by MSN writer Maria Bou Ink, cites a ranking from A-Z Animals which names Lake George as the cleanest lake in the United States. It makes note of the fact that Lake George is fed by mountain streams, and resides largely on protected forest land, with little manmade activity outside of the village. The article also praises the lake for being attractive to vacationers.

“Considering that numerous beautiful lakes from Colorado, Oregon, and Montana were also listed, Lake George has the highest score,” the article states. “All in all, it is a fantastic location for tourists to enjoy their favorite water activities, and on a hot summer day, it is a lovely body of water that is surrounded by plenty of interesting local sights.”

Under the protection of stewards like those at the Lake George Association and other groups that study water quality, Lake George’s water isn’t taken for granted. In the last year, the lake has been named one of the nine best waterbodies for boating by BoatUS; the eighth-bluest lake in the country by SIXT SE; one of the best places in the country to buy a cabin by vacation site Evolve; and home to the nation’s #1 dog-friendly campground, according to The Dyrt.

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