Letters to the Editor — Judges’ impartiality, Greg Abbott and the border, Dallas County

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Drop judges’ party affiliation

Re: “AG must testify in lawsuit, judge says — Ruling: Whistleblowers showed it would be central to their case,” Thursday news story.

“Democratic Judge Jan Soifer of the 345th District Court … ” Why/how is her political party relevant? Are we to think that because a judge is a Democrat or a Republican, he or she is not doing his or her best to follow the law? Identifying a judge’s political affiliation serves no purpose except to sow more division and undermine confidence in the judicial system. I firmly believe we must have judges on all levels who can shed their political cloak to issue decisions based purely on the law.

As a rule I do not rant against the media as the source of America’s problems and divisions, as we can do that all by ourselves. But the egregious way in which the media insist on identifying judges by their political party is beyond the pale!

I firmly believe the Supreme Court has become so politicized that 5-4 decisions as a matter of course are eroding the public’s faith in a fair legal opinion emanating from that body.

And the media consistently identify judges as president so-and-so’s appointee, being sure the political affiliation is made clear. If we can’t rely on the impartiality of the court system, on what can we rely? Please, Dallas Morning News and other media outlets, just stop it

Shirley Lewis, Grand Prairie

Abbott is smarter than this

Does Gov. Greg Abbott really and truly want to solve the border issue? I’m not sure. He is most certainly a smart man, smart enough to come up with better ideas than he has so far. His confrontational, go-it-alone solutions have yielded little to no results.

Here is a suggestion: He could reach out to New Mexico, Arizona and California to form a coalition with other states grappling with the same problem. Then work with federal authorities to develop and implement a practical border solution.

He’d establish himself as a true leader (on a national stage) and develop a reputation as a creative problem solver, willing to transcend party politics to solve real-world issues. Everybody wins.

We all want to see less division, less conflict and more unity. The governor surely knows this and has the power to bring it forth. Why doesn’t he?

David Seay, Plano

Abbott is Texan of the Year

I nominate Gov. Greg Abbott as Texan of the Year. He has done everything he can to protect Texas from the onslaught of illegal immigration. By sending undocumented migrants to New York City, Chicago and other cities, he made it impossible for the progressive media to continue to ignore the border problem.

Ken Cernak, Plano

Common decency must win

I see many hard-working, friendly Hispanics when I walk in my neighborhood. Some are laying new concrete driveways; others are shaping stone paths. They are the roofers, the house cleaning crews, the nannies pushing babies in strollers.

Although Abbott claims that Texas needs to defend itself from drug cartels, I have never encountered a Hispanic drug dealer. According to a 2022 report from the National Association of Home Builders, Hispanics made up 61% of the construction workforce in Texas, although only about 40% of Texans are Hispanic.

These workers continue to give us the roads we drive on, the offices we work in, the homes we inhabit. Chances are that is true for our governor, who brazenly signed a bill preventing mandatory water breaks in Dallas and Austin during one of the hottest summers on record.

In the battle between punitive legislation and common decency, the latter must win.

Barbara Chiarello, Austin

War isn’t council business

Re: “Irving council should call for cease-fire — Gaza fighting is a local issue in all cities; residents have lost family members,” by Omar Suleiman, Thursday Opinion.

It is not the place for a local city council to pass any opinion motion on a foreign war. Americans should be concerned with America first, last and always.

Religious freedom and acceptance is a bedrock principle of our great country, and after 200-plus years, it is still the place where people like Suleiman come to find a better life. I suggest that anyone with similar feelings as his look up the U.S. Constitution and read about what our country stands for and what all Americans should believe.

Tom Youngblood, Dallas

Where are county IT jobs?

Re: “Report: County’s IT needs overhaul — Consultants tell Dallas commissioners technology problems have no easy fix,” Wednesday news story.

I read the story about Dallas County IT needing an overhaul with interest, as I was recently laid off from my IT job. I read that there are tens of open, unfilled positions. I went to the county’s jobs website and searched for open positions in IT, but found only one, for a project manager.

I am wondering, why, if there are open positions, are they not listed on the county’s job website? Either the website has bugs, all the more reason to hire more IT folks, or there are problems with getting the open positions on the county’s jobs website, or there are other reasons, such as lack of money to pay the would-be employees.

I am curious and would like to know more about why the open positions were not findable on the county’s jobs website.

Sheela Singla, Irving

Column nailed free speech

Re: “Campuses relearn free speech — Times are tense, but First Amendment is the bedrock of a democratic society,” by Cynthia Tucker, Nov. 5 Opinion and a best column of 2023.

The free speech column by Cynthia Tucker was a welcome reminder of what free speech is and how it should work. Thank you.

Randy Marrin, Allen

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