I work at an NYC underground sex club — here’s what it’s like

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Weird But True

She’s pleading the filth.

A bartender at an underground Manhattan sex club is spilling the venue’s darkest, dirtiest secrets — from the cop clientele to the “beefy” security guards that double as studs.

The anonymous porn-star-turned-mixologist offered a full-frontal glimpse inside the secretive den of iniquity — nestled amid the skyscrapers of Midtown — on a recent episode of the podcast ‘Other People’s Lives.”

Unlike other similar clubs, which prize exclusivity and a couples-and-women-only atmosphere, this raunchy respite is a relative free-for-all, allowing any single men who can find their way to the club to enter for a fee. And, yes — it’s popular with law enforcement.

“It’s funny, because, they’ll let people in knowing that they’re cops,” she said. “The owner’s like, ‘They provide so much business because they tell their other cop friends they can come here and have a good time.’”

But admitting men without a partner has drawbacks. The bartender, who mostly serves as topless “eye candy” while she pours drinks for customers — the club is BYOB, but staff will mix and serve — noted that men strike out “all the time,” especially on days when “it’s only dudes in the building the entire night.”

Single men will strike out often, the bartender said.

That’s when the anonymous woman, who got her job at the unnamed sex club through her time in the porn industry, sees customers improvising — and part of her job is to just shake it off.

“I have to wear a little h-e outfit. I have to be topless for part of the night,” she explained, adding that some clients will stand next to her at the bar and pleasure themselves.

“So that is kind of part of the allure, is that you have this hot bartender with big t—ties,” she said, adding that she tells them to cough up some cash in the tip jar “at the very least” or get lost.

Some customers, she noted, will have sex at the bar while looking right at her.

Should she ever want to join in on the loved up fun, though, she’s only allowed a 15-minute break to indulge — although she rarely does.

The hunks that work security, however, get lucky “every shift, basically.”

“We have these kind of like beefed up, cute security guards,” she said. “So all the women who come in are like, ‘Ooh, the security!’”

Podcast co-host Greg Dybec fired off questions to the anonymous bartender, who appeared as a guest on the episode.
Other People’s Lives/YouTube
Joe Santagato, co-host of “Other People’s Lives,” asked numerous questions during the approximately 30-minute episode.
Other People’s Lives/YouTube

Steps from the neighborhood’s respectable corporate offices, the sex club is equipped with erotic art on the walls, mattresses strewn about the space and a “porter,” or someone who cleans up the messes left behind.

“He basically just runs around after people f–king and immediately removes the sheets from the bed, puts a new sheet on, cleans up condoms, mops the floor,” the bartender explained.

But the ambience isn’t enough to get some shy couples in the mood — some nights, she said, feel like junior high school.

“If there’s a lot of people who aren’t experienced or don’t feel comfortable, it’s their first time — which is often — it’s kind of like an eighth-grade dance,” she continued.

“Everyone’s sitting around and kind of doing stuff. But not really going for it, you know? They’re just like sitting around.”

The bartender said that, while customers have to bring their own alcohol, she pours, mixes and serves it for them.

The club’s owner quickly remedies the awkwardness by arriving with his girlfriend in tow, where they start the party, so to speak.

“Because it’s like, one of those things, like someone’s got to start dancing,” she said. “And then everyone starts dancing.”

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