Alec Baldwin clashes with pro-Palestinian protesters

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Actor Alec Baldwin crossed paths with a pro-Palestinian protest in New York City on Monday and was filmed in a heated confrontation with a protester that culminated in him getting escorted away by the New York Police. 

A video of the incident shows the actor speaking with two or three protesters. One is heard asking Baldwin, “Who’s pockets are you in? You work for Hollywood; do you condemn Israel?”

Baldwin responded, “You’ve already made up your mind to every question you’ve got, right? I’m in Hollywood’s pockets, you said? You ask stupid questions. Ask me a smart question! Ask a smart question!” He then began pushing toward the protester.

Several police officers surrounded Baldwin, as the protester yelled, “Go f*** yourself,” and “Why did you even come here?” Baldwin then yelled back, “Shut the f*** up!” as he was escorted away. 

Baldwin had been walking by the demonstration near West 29th Street when protesters spotted him and darted toward him, accusing him of supporting Israel. 

Pro-Palestinian protesters attend ”Flood Brooklyn for Gaza” demonstration, as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas continues, in New York, US, October 28, 2023. (credit: CAITLIN OCHS/REUTERS)

According to the New York Post, when he was asked if he condemned Israel, Baldwin responded, “No, I support peace for Gaza.” Baldwin was not involved in the protest in any way and had been on his way to volunteer to teach an acting class. 


Response from protesters

In the background of the video is one of the main organizers of the pro-Palestinian protests in New York City, Nerdeen Kiswani. She began the organization Within Our Lifetime, which is infamous for its “Globalize the intifada” chants. 

On her Instagram, she posted a video of the incident with the caption, “We really ran into Alec Baldwin at today’s March for a global strike where he refuses to condemn Israel for killing over 25,000 Palestinians, including at least 8,000 Palestinian children! 

“Killing people is clearly no big deal to him since he had experience with it. I was just so over it and wanted the media to get out of the way of the March and stop focusing on the most sensationalist thing at the moment as they tend to do.”

The protests took place in Manhattan at Grand Central Station and Penn Station as part of a protest called a “Global Strike for Gaza.” 

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